There are two score bench positions at club level. A representative from each team should be scoring to avoid discrepancies.

  1. Visual Operator (Scoreboard)

  2. Stadium Scoring (I Pad)

Mini ball games DO NOT score
U9/U10s DO NOT show the score on the scoreboard.

If you are new to scoring ask an experienced parent to sit with you on your first time. Make sure you are at the courts with plenty of time before the game starts. The minute the game before yours finishes you need to be at the score bench ready to go.

Watch the video below to familiarise yourself with the stadium scoring system.

The person scoring is responsible for entering the correct details during the game. Points, fouls etc need to be allocated to the correct player. It is important that two people are scoring (ideally with a representative from each team) so that discrepancies are sorted out before the game finishes. Once the game finishes and the game has been submitted, SWM will not change any details.

Any complaints about scoring stats need to come through our club and we will present them to SWM.  Email to submit a request.